Three Postpartum Products We Love

Postpartum care products we love

At Bay City Doulas, we are firm believers in self-care. Especially postpartum. We know that getting time to practice self-care is hard with a newborn. While many think of self-care as a massage or a spa day, self-care can be as simple as taking a nice hot shower and applying your favorite lotion. Today we are here to talk about three postpartum products we love.

Earth mama postpartum care bundle

This postpartum care bundle from earth mama is excellent for direct postpartum recovery. It includes a perineal spray, perineal balm, and postpartum sitz bath. The great thing about earth mama is that they use high-quality ingredients, and this bundle is all organic. To learn more and purchase, click here.

Soothies gel pads

Lansinoh soothing gel pads can be a game-changer for breastfeeding moms with dry or cracked nipples. They have a cooling effect and help soothe and heal cracked or sore nipples. Additionally, the pads can be reused for up to 72 hours. To learn more, visit the website here.

Postpartum body scrub

Postpartum body scrubs are great to help hydrate the body and move lymphatic tissue after childbirth. This can be a great moment of TLC before a shower or bath and will leave your skin so soft! You can easily make a body scrub at home using sea salt, a carrier oil of your choice, and a few drops of essential oil. Additionally, here is a wonderful scrub available for purchase! To view, click here.

There are many different options

There are many different options for postpartum care products out there. While these are some of our favorites, you may have your own! We would love to hear about products that you loved postpartum, and we hope you enjoyed today’s suggestions!

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