Implementing a bedtime routine

Implementing a bedtime routine

It’s no secret that people love routines. While everyone has different routines in their lives, many of us have routines that we aren’t even consciously aware of. Humans thrive off of their routines, and many people feel out of balance when their routine changes. Today we are here to talk about implementing a bedtime routine for your newborn.

Where to start

In the first weeks that your baby is born, you will be spending most of your time feeding, nurturing, and getting to know your little one and their individual routines. It can be normal to feel as if there is almost no routine at all during this time. That is totally normal, but as everyone begins to adjust to your new family dynamic you may find that a bedtime routine could be helpful. So, how do we do this? We are here to talk about it!

When to implement a bedtime routine

Many babies are ready for a bedtime routine around 6-8 weeks. We recommend starting a bedtime routine once you begin to see a pattern with your baby’s natural sleep habits. Bedtime routines can help newborns recognize when it is time to sleep, sleep better throughout the night, and calm down before bedtime.

What to include

There are many different options for bedtime routines. While some families like to have a drawn-out bedtime routine others prefer a short and simple method. Some things you may try to incorporate into your baby’s bedtime are: Bath time, storytime, snuggle time, singing songs, and or cuddle time before bed. Something that we recommend including in all routines is one last feed before bed. This is called “filling the tank” and will help to ensure your newborn sleeps longer.

Consistency is key

Consistency, consistency, consistency! While it is important to find the routine that works best for you, it is hard to know what is work and what is not if you are doing something new every two nights. We recommend trying a routine for at least a week before determining it isn’t working and trying something new. Remember, both your baby and you are learning together here!

There isn’t a one size fits all

Just like most things in life, there is not a one-size-fits-all for your little one and a bedtime routine. What works for one family and baby might not work at all for another! The trick to finding a good bedtime routine for your family is trying out different routines seeing which one works for your family.

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