Bay City Doulas Covid-19 Update

Bay City Doulas Covid-19 Uodate

We are just as excited as the rest of the Bay Area that Covid cases continuously slow down. It is no secret that these past two years have been a trying time for just about everyone. As the Bay Area continues to open up, we want to update the community on what our team is doing currently to help keep everyone safe. We hope you enjoy this week’s blog, Bay City Doulas Covid-19 update.

Recapping the last two years

Bay City Doulas and the beginning of the pandemics’ birthdays almost go hand in hand. That is right; Bay City Doulas came about right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. While, at the time, the thought of running a business during a worldwide pandemic was daunting, we are so thankful for the support we have been able to offer families in the last two years. We are proud of the hard work our clients and team have used to keep each other safe.

Our safety measures

Our team has consistently used the same safety measures throughout the pandemic. Bay City doulas mask in the home both day and night, regardless of if they are asleep or awake. Additionally, we limit the number of clients that one doula takes to two clients at once. Our team is vaccinated and taking rapid covid tests upon request. If there is illness on the doula’s side they will notify us immediately to ensure there isn’t client exposure.

Communication is key

We credit one of the reasons that our team and families have kept safe to the level of communication that we have between both our clients and our team of doulas. We have asked both parties to notify us of any sickness in-home immediately. If a client or doula alike is presenting any symptoms associated with covid everybody takes a covid test. It is a group effort made by our clients, our team, and us to keep everyone safe as we continue to provide this much-needed care.

Going forward

We recognize and are hopeful that the pandemic may be slowing down. Bay City Doulas will continue to practice with utmost caution. Our doulas continue to mask in-home at all times and will do so until the medical field is unmasking. All of the safety measures stated above are still being held in place. We hope that we are moving back to a state of normalcy, but our priority is still to keep our clients and doulas safe during these unpredictable times.

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