Four Tips to Prepare for Postpartum

Four tips to prepare for postpartum

There is so much to prepare before the arrival of a new baby. While a lot of the planning is centered around babies, we like to remind families to focus on things that will make postpartum easier for parents. We hope you enjoy this week’s blog, four helpful tips for postpartum preparation.

Set up your support system

This may be the most essential tip that we have! It truly does take a village, and having help postpartum can be life-changing. Whether you are planning to have family, friends, or a postpartum doula help you postpartum, planning your support as far in advance can help ensure that you get enough outside help postpartum.

Prepare meals ahead of time

During the initial weeks with your new baby, a lot is happening and changing! It can be fantastic to have meals cooked and stored ahead of time, a postpartum meal train, or cooking help in this newborn phase. If you plan to have someone help you with cooking, it can be beneficial to write down recipes that you like before postpartum.

Gather a list of important numbers

It can be a great idea to make a support phone call list. This may include the number of a trusted lactation consultant, infant feeding specialist, or the number of your pediatrician. Establishing a relationship with the providers of your choice before the delivery of your baby can take some stress off if and when you would like to reach out to a provider.

Set boundaries with potential visitors ahead of time

This one can be tough, but it is also so important! It can be hard to set boundaries with loved ones, but it is also beneficial to think about how frequent, how soon, and how long you would like visitors before postpartum. Postpartum can be an overwhelming period and the fewer decisions you have to make outside of caring for your little one and yourself, the better!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog, four helpful tips for postpartum preparation. For more information and tricks on all things pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood, visit our other weekly blogs.

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