The Haakaa and Why We Love It

The Haakaa and why we love it

The baby industry is one of the most trending markets of all time. There is a new gadget out just about every week. It can be tricky to decide what to add to a baby registry when preparing items for yourself and your little one. In contrast, many things may seem unnecessary or like extra “stuff,” but the Haakaa isn’t one of them. We will tell you about the Haakaa and why we love it this week.

What is the Haakaa

The name itself isn’t exactly self-explanatory. The Haakaa is a hands-free breast bump that sections onto the breast and draws milk out while you breastfeed on the other side. It is one piece of silicone that is easily used by squeezing the sides and suctioning it into the breast. If you choose to breastfeed your baby, this is a great device to have. The Haakaa collects milk from one breast while you breastfeed on the other side. Because the Haakaa doesn’t use electricity it can be easily stuck into a diaper bag and is noise-free.

Why we love it

We are all about simple and sufficient, especially postpartum! The Haakaa is both easy to use and sufficient. This small device is not only easy to use but makes collecting excess breastmilk easy as well. Because the Haakaa uses suction and helps to draw out milk, it will help you collect more milk than just the letdown. Many breastfeeding parents collect between 1-4 ounces using the Haakaa each time they breastfeed. Talk about building your storage supply without extra time! Additionally, the Haakaa is extremely easy to clean as it is just one piece and doesn’t need to be taken apart.

To learn more

To learn more about the Haakaa and purchase this great tool, visit the Haakaa website.

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