Finding a Nanny in the Bay Area

Finding a Nanny in the Bay Area

Are you considering what to do once your partner and you return back to work? There are many exceptional nannies in the Bay Area, but figuring out where to search for childcare can be challenging! We are here to help. We hope you enjoy this week’s blog, finding a nanny in the Bay Area.

Nanny Qualifications

The first step to finding the right nanny for your family is determining what qualifications you would like. While there are different skill sets out there, here are some traits that we recommend.

First Aid and CPR certified– This one is important! Most nannies have completed a CPR and first aid certification. We recommend ensuring that the nanny you choose to work with has a current CPR and First Aid certification. This ensures that your caregiver has adequate training to deal with an emergency.

Clear background check– Bay City Doulas background checks all of our doulas. We recommend that families background check their nanny as well. With a clean background check, you can rest assured the person has a clean criminal and driving background.

Relevant experience– Many people out there are fantastic with children, but we find it essential that care providers have relevant experience working with children similar in age to your child. This way, they can give advice, develop activities, and ensure that your child is mentally stimulated at different milestones.

References– References are crucial! It is so important to hear the experiences past families have had with the child care provider of your choice! We recommend checking two references.

Where to find a nanny

Now that we have talked about things to look for when hiring a nanny let’s dive into how to find a nanny in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Facebook groups – There are many different options of places to look, but one of the best places is through word of mouth. A great way to find an excellent nanny is through moms’ groups on Facebook. If you or your partner is on Facebook, we highly recommend finding a parent group in your area. Not only are Facebook groups a great place to search for a nanny, but they are also a wonderful place to build community in your area. Believe it or not, the Co-Owner of Bay City Doulas used to be a nanny in the San Francisco Bay Area. She found all of her nanny families through, you guessed it, has many different options and selections for families to choose from, making it easy to predetermine the qualifications that are important to you and find applicable applicants. They even have a built-in background check through the site. can be a wonderful place to find a nanny.

Nanny agencies- If you feel more comfortable having a company do the nanny vetting process, a nanny agency can be a great place to look. Many different nanny agencies in the Bay Area are there to help with the perfect nanny placement for your family.

Finding a nanny can feel like a daunting task, but there are many amazing people! We recommend starting your nanny search in advance to ensure you have the time to find the perfect nanny for you.

Thank you for reading this weeks post, “finding a nanny in the Bay Area.” For more tips on all things prengnacy, postpartum, and parenthood visit our weekly blog.

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